Slavery or Freedom?  Struggling Towards Universal Liberation


Welcome! Welcome to the site of Slavery or Liberation.  The purpose of this site is to make the books of Kurt Greenhalgh available to the public.  Some of the reasons for writing the book Slavery and the Gospel of Liberation are:

  1. 1)To provide a radical critique of the State and its legal system.

  2. 2) To promote a Christian discipleship movement rooted in liberation theology.

  3. 3) To advocate for penal abolition.

Kurt has written three books on the subject of radical Christianity.  All three books are available as downloads directly from this website.  The books are also available in traditional paperback form.  If you should desire a paperback version of any of the books please go to the Contact Us page and put in a request.  Also from the Contact Us page you may forward any critiques or additional comments.